the consultation

A two-hour onsite meeting, The Consultation is an integral opportunity to become acquainted, review your project, and for us to gather the necessary information to devise a plan to help you reach your design goals. We discuss in detail how you live within your space, its functionality, your aesthetic preferences, and your desires for the home’s look and feel.  We listen with care and purpose, ask pertinent questions, exchange initial ideas, and offer targeted feedback.

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insightful direction

Following the consultation and equipped with essential first-hand insights into your project, we have a more thorough understanding of what is required to achieve your desired results.  With this knowledge, we make our recommendations accordingly and devise a plan to proceed.

our expertise, your choice

Passionate about transforming lives through well-designed spaces, it would be our pleasure to speak with you about bringing your project to life. When you invest in your home, you're investing in your everyday experience. A characterful, cohesive, one-of-a-kind home serves as an evolving narrative of your life, the backdrop for all the people, occasions, and things you hold dear.