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selecting finishes for your home

As exciting as the designing of a space is, the selection process can be overwhelming. Pulling everything together to create one cohesive scheme takes careful thought and a period of development and refinement.

There are many things to take into consideration when making your selections:

✨ The mood you’re creating

✨ Flooring types & finishes

✨ Rug sizing & placement

✨ Fabric selections

✨ Durability and suitability

✨ Colour, pattern, texture

Our design process takes great care to ensure quality, long-lasting results. Relationships with trusted suppliers and makers also help us to ensure we are choosing the very best for your home.

Once the conceptual design has been approved, we get to work collecting hard and soft samples of the most fitting selections, which are then displayed by room on our design trays and presented to you at the presentation. It's important to be able to evaluate how each and every finish relates to the rest of the scheme. Quick sketches also help to convey ideas as a room takes shape.


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