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Full Service Interior Design FAQ'S

What does Full Service Interior Design consist of?

Developing Brief

Conceptual Design

Spacial Planning

Creative Vision

Furnishings Layout

Technical Drawings 

Bespoke Joinery + Furniture Design

Lighting Design

Floor Coverings and Rug Design

Window Treatment Design 

Wall Coverings

Project Coordination

Project Execution and Installation

Problem Solving

Fitting + Finishes Specification

Third-party Collaboration + Liaising

Documentation + Budgeting Management

How does full service interior design work?

To set our projects up for success, we follow a strategic process throughout all projects that is based in alignment with RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Standards of Work. Our full service approach enables us to manage projects from concept to completion in a streamlined manner that focusses on getting our clients the best results.

Full Service Interior Design consists of three major phases:

Conceptual Design Phase

Detailed Design Phase

Execution Phase

What is the Conceptual Design phase?

During the Conceptual Design Phase, we create a detailed brief by thoroughly assessing your space, asking questions, encouraging conversation, taking measurements and photos, and detailing documentation for everything pertaining to your project.  We take care to gather as much information as we can to learn about you, your space, and your aspirations for the project.  It is during this phase that we begin to develop a creative direction for your project.

Here's an edited selection of expertise required and tasks undertaken during the concept phase:

Thorough site survey and detailed brief-taking

Space Planning:  We design the ideal floor plan and layout for your project

We enlist our creative vision to establish interesting, unique ideas and recommendations for the design

We create inspiration boards to communicate our vision based on your input and objectives

An investment estimate is created to capture the elements required to bring your project to reality.

Collaborations with various third party experts and suppliers begin with onsite meetings to review the technicalities of the project.

Samples of fabrics and finishes are ordered so that you can touch and see how all the elements relate

This phase can take anywhere from four to six weeks or many more, depending upon the scale of the complete.  When complete, we schedule a Concept Design Meeting to review the direction, floor plans, sample and inspiration boards, and a few initial selections.  It's a high-level overview that ensures we're headed in the right direction.  

What is the Detailed Design phase?

Detailed design happens when we take the approved conceptual ideas, refine them, and create a targeted plan for your project's execution.  This phase takes from four to six weeks to complete and consists of executing the following design elements in accordance with the brief::

Finalise scaled floor plans and spacial planning integrated with actual selections

Generate relevant elevational drawings with details for implementation such as tiling layout, lighting plans, bespoke joinery, and plumbing fittings

Procurement of written quotations from trades and suppliers

Selection and documentation of all items required to complete the design plan

Full client presentation to communicate every aspect of the design

Proposal of each item for client approval 

Investment estimate updated and finalised with approved selections

What is the Execution Phase?

It is during the Execution Phase that all of our preparation and targeted planning is put into action.   Purchase orders are issued, the construction begins, and the overall project implementation takes place.  The amount of time it takes to complete the Execution Phase is dependant upon the scope of the project and the contractor's schedule.  During this phase, our team is dedicated to carrying out the following requirements:



Place orders and assess lead times and delivery times

Complete all purchasing of goods on your behalf

Clarify, communicate, and track delivery times

Manage orders efficiently 

Work in accordance with the construction and installation timeline


We oversee the design-related elements onsite with scheduled site visits to ensure quality standards

Coordinate project logistics with principle contractor and suppliers

Ensure adherence to design plan with all collaborators

Installation + Styling

Coordinate deliveries and plan for installation requirements

Provide a turnkey furniture installation, meaning that all furnishings are delivered at one time once construction is complete

Onsite studio presence for installation to execute a strategically-planned installation process

Style and photograph the completed project, as applicable

Project Reveal + Handover

Provide documentation that supports the care and maintenance of your newly completed project

Identify and document any deficiencies that we've noted during installation 

Present styling price list for accessories, as applicable

Confirm any selections from accessory list, as applicable, the remainder will be removed and returned , as appropriate

Resolve any deficiencies as noted during installation

How long does it take?

When embarking on a design project, planning and preparation are the keys to success. While we endeavour to work through projects in the timeliest manner possible, the entire design process takes time.  There are many variables to consider and many moving parts that must align..  We encourage our clients to trust the process that will ultimately help them achieve their objectives so that their completed project is everything they hope it will be - and more.  You'll be informed with regard to timing all along the way.

How do you charge?

Our fee structure is as follows:


1.  Flat Fee for Design:  The value of our expertise lies in our creative vision in combination with our industry experience and knowledge as well as in our ability to effectively execute throughout each phase of the process.   Our flat fee is based on the scale and scope of the work and the estimated amount of expertise and time required to deliver the best outcome.  Our work commences and/or is fixed on our calendar upon receipt of initial instalment of design fees.


2.  Procurement/Purchasing Management:  Procurement consists of the issuance of all purchase orders, invoicing, buying management, tracking, storage, delivery management, and documentation of orders placed through the studio.   We charge hourly for this service and products are priced at retail.

3.  Design Management:  Design Management is an integral part of the design process, ensuring the design plan that’s been so diligently formulated is executed to a high standard and with the clients’ best interest in mind.  Real time decisions, last minute reviews, and troubleshooting onsite are all aspects of effective design management, often requiring quick-thinking/responsiveness in the moment, which should always be done by someone who fully understands and advocates the clients’ objectives.  We allocate a specific number of site visits and desk hours for design management according to the scope and scale of each project, which will be confirmed in your contract.   Additional project management hours will be billed hourly.

How does the purchasing work?

For most projects, we request that the procurement of relevant furnishings, fittings, and equipment (FF+E) goes through the studio.   By conducting projects in this manner, we're able to organise and keep track of all the important details to install and finish your project. As we work through your project, we develop an investment estimate that will, upon your approval, be finalised before the procurement stage gets initiated.  We source with variety, from auctioneers to trusted trade suppliers to local artisans and craftsman to create a unique environment that is aligned with your vision.  


For larger projects and in order to provide a streamlined service, all items ordered are delivered to a receiving warehouse where they are photographed, documented, and safely stored until installation.  Full payment for all items is required prior to our placing of orders.

Why do you require full payment for goods at purchasing?

We require 100% deposit on all orders in advance of our placing the order.  This protects you, us, and the supplier and enhances our process efficiency as well as protects our business. After all, we're a design studio, not a bank!  Projects move more quickly this way as administration time is greatly reduced.

Custom orders are non-refundable and return policies depend on the supplier.

Can you recommend a contractor?

We thrive on collaborations with industry experts and one of our greatest resources is our team of designers, suppliers, craftspeople, artisans, installers, and contractors.  While we don't run the construction aspects of your project through the studio, we can guide you in your decisions and offer recommendations on who's required to get the job done.  Third parties are hired directly by our clients and we assume no responsibility/liability for work undertaken by third party companies.

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