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commercial collaborations

A full service, Sussex-based interior design firm, we welcome collaborations with architects, residential and commercial developers, and boutique businesses. In addition to the unique objectives of individual projects, property optimisation, investment return, and enhanced brand identity remain key focus throughout all projects.  

We liaise with the project team, take a thorough brief, develop concepts, and detail the design.  We compile every element for implementation in a design book that outlines all specifications and finishes alongside the necessary technical drawings for bespoke joinery, lighting, and layouts. The process creates efficiency, saving the project valuable time and money while delivering results that reflect our collaborative effort from start to finish.  

Alongside trusted partners and experts in their field, we work in tandem to solve problems, simplify lives, and create amazing spaces.

caffe design

Services We Provide


Conceptual Design

Detailed Design

Hospitality Design

Spacial Planning 

FF+E Specification Packages

Hand-drawn Visuals

Turnkey Full Service Design

Feasibility Studies

Project Coordination

Budget Management

Bespoke Joinery & Furniture Design

Finishes Specifications

Client Liaising/Relationship Management

Lighting Design

Professional Photography

Documentation + Budgeting Administration

Mandy Cuss Interior Design

Turnkey Interior Design

Our turnkey service combines years of industry experience and knowledge with a streamlined customer journey and expert execution, saving both client and collaborator time, money, and overwhelm when progressing through the lifespan of a project. Working in partnership with you, we serve as designer and liaison managing the collective relationship and getting all the questions answered and decisions made. Enlisting a series of well-planned systems and processes for each phase, we guide the clients throughout, detailing and documenting in a full-scale design book everything required for the interiors construction and implementation.  

mandy cuss restaurant design

Decoration + Styling

All businesses, offices, and homes benefit from well-designed spaces, yet larger-in-scale design services are not always required. If you or your client need direction with space planning, conceptual ideas, or expert guidance with regard to colour palettes, finish selections, styling, furniture placement, lighting, and window treatments, we enlist all of our resources to ensure you get what you need.
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